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You are signing up for a PPCSecure Standard subscription. You will be automatically billed $29.97/month once your 14-day free trial is complete. This plan allows connection to a single AdWords Customer ID and tracks 25,000 clicks/month. Additional clicks are $10 per 25,000.

Why do you need my billing information?

We request this to reduce fraud and and limit customers to one free trial. It also allows us to keep your click fraud protection running without any interruption should you continue past day 14.

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No, this is not a term contract. If you decide PPCSecure is not right for you, you may cancel at anytime with no penalty through our contact form.

When and how will I be billed?

Your card will not be charged until the 15th day of your subscription. Cancel anytime in the first 14 days to prevent being charged. After that, you will automatically be billed $29.97 each month until you cancel.

What features does my plan include?

Blocks IPs Automatically

Instant Email Alerts Of Suspicious Clicks

Daily Report Emailed to your Inbox

Tracks Offenders Who Change IP Addresses

9 Detailed Reports and Graphs

Detects Device, IP, Browser, OS, Location, and more

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