How Click Fraud Detection Works

If you spend $1000 per month on online advertising, some statistics claim that as much as 27% of that amount might be wasted on invalid clicks. Whether it's a botnet, a competitor or just excessive comparison shopping, these patterns of activity deplete your ad budget and reduce the effectiveness of your online campaigns. To detect click fraud using the basic stats provided by your advertising network is a bit difficult since they don't show you any identifying information about the clicks, such as IP address or cookie data. PPCSecure shows you this information so you can see more details about who is clicking, such as their browser type, operating system and time/date of each click.

PPCSecure can help stop click fraud by detecting the IP addresses who are clicking your ads and then blocking those IPs or devices by adding them to IP address exclusion list. This techology bans the person from even seeing your ads again. Our system has been used by hundreds of businesses around the world since 2009.

Here's how PPCSecure can help you:

  • PPCsecure monitors every click, 24/7/365.
  • When our algorithm spots potential issues, we send you an email or text to warn you.
  • We then add the IP address to the exclusion list. If you are using Bing or Yahoo, you will manually do this using the information contained in the email we send you.
  • Our system can also display a warning message to asking the person to stop clicking your ads.
  • PPCSecure sends you a daily report with an overview of the day's activity for your campaigns.
  • At any time, you can log into our console and review comprehensive information about your trackers, including the date, time, general geolocation, IP address, cookie ID, keywords used, referrer, browser, and operating system of every person who clicked your ad.

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