Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Click Fraud?

Click Fraud, also known as PPC Fraud, is when someone (a competitor or other person) clicks on your pay-per-click ads repeatedly. The intent is usually to deplete your advertising budget or to harm you financially. If your ad budget gets sufficiently depleted for a given business day, your ads may no longer appear under certain search topics, allowing your competitors to gain a strong advantage.

However, there are other situations that can arise when potential customers abuse your ads in an attempt to price shop or gather buying information. The main problem is that, depending on your type of business and the cost of each click, it may cost you more to gain this client's business than their actual sale would be worth in the end. This is why PPCSecure allows you to select how many clicks you wish to allow before automatically displaying warning messages to a potential click-offender or blocking them by excluding their IP address.

How big a problem is Click Fraud?

Click Fraud severity largely depends on the industry and the keywords chosen. Overall click fraud statistics may be found on our Statistics about Click Fraud page.

PPCSecure internal research shows that click fraud rates for content/display ads are typically higher than that for search ads.

How does PPCSecure stop click fraud?

PPCSecure can be used in a number of ways to combat Click Fraud.

1. PPCSecure notifies you automatically when someone repeatedly clicks your ads. Being aware of the problem is the first step in stopping this behavior.

2. PPCSecure can be configured to automatically display warning messages that notify potential offenders that they are being monitored. You can set up the warnings to be as harsh or as light as you prefer.

3. PPCSecure can be used to create detailed reports that will help you provide a compelling case to your ad provider that you have actually been the victim of Click Fraud and deserve a refund. But with PPCSecure, you gain a powerful tool that may increase your chances of receiving a refund.

Is PPCSecure right for me?

If you engage in ANY type of pay-per-click advertising, PPCSecure may save you money and protect you from Click Fraud.

If you spend $150 or more per month on pay-per-click advertising, we highly recommend using PPCSecure.

How is PPCSecure different from other similar solutions?

PPCSecure stands head and shoulders above other similar products for three reasons:

1. We have more experience than most companies. We've been in business since 2009.

2. PPCSecure offers professional, courteous, U.S. based support, via email. We are real people who work with you in a professional, honest, and ethical fashion.

3.PPCSecure's technology doesn't rely on Javascript like some competitors do. This is becasue Javascript can be easily disabled by someone clicking your ads. Also, this means there's no code to install on your website (optional features require Javascript, but our main tracking feature does not).

Which Search Engines does PPCSecure work with?

PPCSecure is compatible with all major PPC search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other are compatible with our solution.

What data does PPCSecure track?

PPCSecure tracks the following information for each and every person who clicks on your ads:

  • IP Address
  • Unique Cookie Placed on user's computer or device
  • Geographic Location (City, State, Country, Lat/Long)
  • Browser Type (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Operating System (iPhone, Windows, etc.)
  • Host Name and Port Number
  • Referring Page
  • Keyword Used (where available)
  • Exact Date and time of click

How many clicks per month are included with my account?

Each account is limited to a total of 25,000 clicks per month. Additional clicks may be purchased at a rate of $10 per 25,000 clicks.

How many domains and landing pages can I use?

You may use a single PPCSecure account to control an unlimited amount of domains, URLs, or landing pages. However, each account may only be linked to a single Google AdWords Customer ID number.

How much does PPCSecure Cost?

PPCSecure is FREE for the first 14 days. After your free trial ends, we offer one low base price of $29.97 per month, per account. This includes 25,000 clicks. Extra clicks are $10 per 25,000. We also offer discounts for bulk use or agency accounts. To learn more, please contact us for more info.

What forms of payment does PPCSecure accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also accept debit cards.

How safe is my information and data at PPCSecure?

PPCSecure has strong privacy standards. You can read our privacy policy by clicking here. Simply put, we handle your data the same way we would want our own data handled.

Does PPCSecure work with agencies/bulk accounts?

Yes. We work with agencies, both large and small. If you are an agency or need a bulk number of accounts, or just need a single admin dashboard to control many PPCSecure accounts, contact us today for more information and special discounted pricing plans.

How do I get started?

To get started immediately, click here for a free 14 day test-drive account. Your account will be activated immediately and you will be sent complete instructions via email on how to start monitoring your ads.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel at any time with no penalty by sending us a message requesting cancellation using our Contact Form.