pay per click fraud detection
PPCSecure Will Reduce Your Click Fraud
by 80% - Guaranteed. Here’s how...
PPCSecure uses an exclusive 4-stage system to eliminate click fraud:

              1. DETECT - We detect click fraud as it happens (in real-time) 
              2. NOTIFY -   You are notified immediately via text or email 
              3. WARN -     We warn the offender that you are watching them 
              4. BLOCK -   You stop future invalid clicks by blocking them

How PPCSecure Will Help You:

Stop guessing

Save Time
PPCSecure shows you the IP address, geo location, keywords used, referring website and more!

PPCSecure installs in only 5 minutes with  no changes to your existing website.
Save Money Reduce Stress
PPCSecure helps you block offenders so you spend less on wasted clicks PPCSecure protects your ads 24/7 and keeps you informed with daily email reports.


100% Money Back Guarantee

 PPCSecure really does work. If it doesn’t reduce your click fraud
by 80%, get a full refund. Full details on guarantee page.

Simple and Affordable

One simple monthly fee of $29.97.
No setup fees. No overage fees. No cancellation fees. 

            -Unlimited keywords

            -Unlimited URLs / links
               -Unlimited domains              -Unlimited clicks tracked


PPCSecure is heaven-sent. In the first two weeks, I reduced my ad costs by over $150 after you showed me which IP addresses to block. Thank you. 
-Amanda K. (Denver, CO)

The daily reports and instant notification of click fraud (as it happens) is super cool. It’s so nice to finally not have to wonder all the time how much click fraud is happening, but to know for sure. 
-Devin S. (Atlantic City, NJ)

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